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PostgreSQL ODBC Driver for Windows

Audience: Data Owners and Users

Content Summary: The Immuta Query Engine exposes a PostgreSQL ODBC connection that allows you to query your Immuta data sources using SQL. Before connecting to the Immuta Query Engine, you must first install and configure the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, psqlODBC. This page delineates how to install the ODBC driver.

Installing the ODBC Driver

  1. Navigate to the psqlODBC downloads page.
  2. Download the latest version of psqlODBC (at the bottom of the page).

    • If your workstation is 32-bit, select the link that ends with x86.
    • If your workstation is 64-bit, select the link that ends with x64.

      psqlODBC Version 1. Once the download completes, open the zip file and double click the .msi file.

    • Follow the prompts to install psqlODBC.

    • Once complete, close the installation wizard.

      psqlODBC Setup Wizard psqlODBC License Agreement psqlODBC Custom Setup psqlODBC Ready to Install psqlODBC Setup Complete