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Immuta Professional Billing Details

Audience: Immuta Professional subscribers

Content Summary: Immuta Professional has two types of costs associated with your subscription, Immuta License Costs and Infrastructure Costs. This page details these two types of costs.

Please see the AWS Subscription EULA for full terms.

Immuta License Costs

Immuta Professional subscription fees are based on the number of Provisioned Users in your Immuta instance. A Provisioned User is any user account that has logged into your Immuta instance and has not been disabled by a User Administrator. There are no Immuta License Costs associated with your first four Provisioned Users.

Immuta Professional does meter the usage of these first four Provisioned Users with the AWS Metering API; however, there is no cost associated with this dimension of billing. This means you will be able to track utilization of these no-cost users in both the Immuta Professional Service and on your detailed AWS bill.

Provisioned Users beyond the first four are metered as a separate dimension from the first four and are currently metered at a rate of $245/month.

The day of the month on which your Immuta Professional subscription commenced becomes your Monthly Metering Day. You are metered for one month's usage for all Provisioned Users on that day of the month in all subsequent calendar months until cancellation. Should a calendar month not have that numeric day of the month (e.g., there is no 31st of September), you will be metered on the last day of the calendar month.

Additionally, you are metered for one Provisioned User's month of usage each time a new Provisioned User is added to Immuta and causes the total Provisioned User count to exceed what was metered on your last Monthly Metering Day.

Effectively, you are charged for the 'high water mark' of Provisioned Users in each month period following the commencement of your subscription. Please reference an example of Immuta Professional billing or contact Immuta Support if you have further questions.

Infrastructure Costs

To achieve complete resource isolation from other Immuta Professional subscribers, Immuta Professional provisions infrastructure resources within your AWS account and the most security-critical components of the service are served to you from your own AWS infrastructure. Consequently, subscribing to Immuta Professional will lead to additional infrastructure billing on your AWS account.

Though this may change as the Immuta Professional offering evolves over time, the resources Immuta provisions and manages in your AWS environment include those shown in the table below. The approximate AWS infrastructure charges related to running Immuta Professional in us-east-1 excluding network traffic charges is $0.90/hour.

Component Note
1 VPC -
3 Private Subnets -
1 NAT Gateway -
Other VPC-Related Resources -
1 EFS Volume Used only for backups; size is minimal and driven by the size of your audit records
1 EKS -
2 NLB -
3 EC2 Instances m5.xlarge* (each with 3 EBS volumes; 180 GiB / instance)

*Immuta Professional will be adding user-customizable infrastructure footprint configuration in the near future. Until that time, if you require alternate sizing or minimum instance count, please file a support ticket. This count may scale with system load.