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Immuta Video Tutorials

Audience: All Immuta users

Content Summary: This section contains video tutorials for Data Owners, Data Users, and Data Governors and general onboarding videos for all users. Tutorials include creating Global and Local Policies; managing data sources, tags and projects; subscribing to projects and data sources; and running audit logs.

Immuta Quickstart Video

2.6 Feature Videos

Sensitive Data Detection

Automatically identify and tag sensitive data to drive Global Policies with the Sensitive Data Detection feature.

HDFS Workspace

Enable the HDFS Workspace feature to create a workspace directory where users can write files.

Section Contents

  • Data Owner Videos include tutorials on managing data sources, accessing audit logs for data sources users own, managing and applying Local Policies, and creating and managing projects.
  • Data User Videos include tutorials for connecting Looker and Tableau to Immuta.
  • Data Governor Videos include tutorials for creating and managing tags and writing various Global and Local Policies in Immuta.