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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2.8.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Immuta v2.7.0 Release Notes

Immuta v2.7.0

Immuta version 2.7.0 was released November 7th, 2019.

v2.7.0 New Features

Major Features

  • Native Databricks: Enforcement of fine-grained access controls and anonymization techniques natively in Spark Databricks.
  • Native Snowflake: Enforcement of fine-grained access controls and anonymization techniques directly in Snowflake via secure views.

Minor Features

  • Details about which columns were masked and how are captured in the Immuta query audit logs.
  • Multiple row-level policies are allowed on the same data source.
  • Global Policies can now be staged before they are enabled across data sources.

v2.7.0 Major Bug Fixes

  • None.

v2.7.0 Known Bugs

  • None.

v2.7.0 Deprecation Notices

  • Attributes: "authorizations" have been renamed "attributes." Authorizations will be removed after 2 releases.
  • Advanced DSL: hasAuthorization has been renamed to hasAttribute. hasAuthorization will be removed after 2 releases.
  • Catbox Provider Configuration: Hapi has changed their configuration structure, so we did, too. We will continue to support the old syntax for several releases.

    Old Syntax:

    engine: catbox-memcached
    port: 11211
    partition: cache

    New Syntax:

      constructor: catbox-memcached
        port: 11211
        partition: cache
    * Spark 1.6 Support: Support for the ImmutaContext in Spark 1.6 is deprecated in Immuta v2.7.0 and is slated for removal in Immuta v2.8.0. Users should migrate any existing Immuta workflows to Spark 2.

v2.7.0 Breaking API Changes

  • Removed Feature Store: The feature store and all related endpoints have been removed:

    • PUT datasource/{dataSourceId}/blob/features/{blobId*}
    • GET datasource/{dataSourceId}/blobFeatures/{blobPath*}
  • All feature-related properties have been removed from request schemas:

    • Azure Blob Store Handler: featureStoreAttributes
    • FTP Handler: featureAttributes, directoryFeatures
    • General Blob Schema: features
    • HDFS Handler: featureAttributes
    • S3 Handler: featureAttributes, featureTags

v2.7.0 Migration Notes

  • Spark Configuration Change: With the change from FNR to FF1 for FPE, any users submitting Spark jobs and updating the spark.driver.extraJavaOptions or spark.executor.extraJavaOptions configurations will need to make sure they update from -Dimmuta.spark.encryption.fnr.class=com.immuta.spark.encryption.fnr.ImmutaFNRService to -Dimmuta.spark.encryption.fpe.class=com.immuta.spark.encryption.ff1.ImmutaFF1Service. This change will also impact customers using Spark 1, who will have to update their spark-defaults.conf.