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Immuta Managed Cloud Introduction

Audience: Immuta Managed Cloud subscribers

Content Summary: This page provides an overview of Immuta, Immuta Managed Cloud, and billing and subscription workflow resources.

Immuta Overview

Immuta empowers users with quick, personalized access to data to accelerate and simplify every aspect of their analysis workflow. Through Immuta, data scientists can work together in a unified data environment to quickly access and collaborate on siloed datasets with individual entitlements enforced and all actions audited.

Immuta simplifies the construction and enforcement of complex data policies through simple-to-build rules, allowing users to control and monitor data as it is accessed, view the policies at work across their data environment, and ensure that compliance requirements are met. Whether data is on-prem or in-cloud, Immuta enforces policies at the time of data access without moving the data.

Immuta Managed Cloud

Immuta Managed Cloud is a managed deployment that is provisioned within your AWS account. Once purchased, you will provide Immuta Cloud access to provision resources in your account and Immuta will be automatically installed and maintained in your environment. Consequently, the installation of Immuta Managed Cloud incurs additional AWS Infrastructure costs.

Immuta Managed Cloud is available in a variety of AWS Regions.

Supported AWS Regions

Immuta Managed Cloud is available in the regions listed in the table below. Other Immuta products are available for regions not supported by Immuta Managed Cloud. Contact for further information.

AWS Region Region Code Immuta Managed Cloud Supported
Northern Virginia us-east-1 Y
Ohio us-east-2 Y
Oregon us-west-2 Y
Northern California us-west-1 N
Montreal ca-central-1 N
Sao Paulo sa-east-1 N
Europe | Middle East | Africa
AWS Region Region Code Immuta Managed Cloud Supported
Ireland eu-west-1 Y
Frankfurt eu-central-1 Y
London eu-west-2 Y
Paris eu-west-3 Y
Stockholm eu-north-1 Y
Asia Pacific
AWS Region Region Code Immuta Managed Cloud Supported
Singapore ap-southeast-1 Y
Tokyo ap-northeast-1 Y
Osaka ap-northeast-3 N
Sydney ap-southeast-2 Y
Seoul ap-northeast-2 Y
Mumbai ap-south-1 Y
Hong Kong ap-east-1 N
Beijing cn-north-1 N
Ningxia cn-northwest-1 N
US GovCloud
AWS Region Region Code Immuta Managed Cloud Supported
GovCloud US-West us-gov-west-1 N
GovCloud US-East us-gov-east-1 N

To purchase Immuta Managed Cloud, please visit the listing on the AWS Marketplace.

Immuta Managed Cloud Resources