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Immuta Managed Cloud Subscription Workflow and Infrastructure Costs

Audience: Immuta Managed Cloud subscribers

Content Summary: This page outlines the subscription workflow and infrastructure costs of Immuta Managed Cloud.

Immuta Managed Cloud Subscription Workflow

1 - Subscribe to Immuta Managed Cloud

The initial Immuta Managed Cloud page in AWS Marketplace contains a product overview, pricing and usage information, support resources, and reviews.

Click Subscribe and then Set Up Your Account to continue to the Cloud Portal.

Set Up Account Button

2 - Set Up Immuta Account or Log in with Existing Immuta Account

The Cloud Portal prompts you to either create your Immuta Account or log in to your Immuta Account.

To create an Immuta Account,

  1. Select the Create your Immuta Account tab.
  2. Complete the Name, Email Address, Organization Name, and Organization Time Zone fields.
  3. Click Register.

    Create Account

To log in using your existing Immuta Account,

  1. Select the Already Registered? tab.
  2. Click Log in with an existing account, complete the Username and Password fields, and click Login.

3 - Provision your Immuta instance

  1. Click I Understand to acknowledge Important Details regarding how Immuta uses IAM roles to provision resources.

    Step 1 Provision

  2. Click Got it to acknowledge that you understand that more information about permissions associated with AWS credentials can be found in the Immuta Managed Cloud AWS IAM Information section of documentation.

    Step 2

  3. On the provision page, complete the following fields:

    • AWS Role ARN
    • AWS Role External Id
    • AWS Region

    Immuta uses this information to create an IAM role to provision your Immuta instance.

  4. Click Submit.

    AWS Credentials

4 - Wait for Verification

The verification process is divided in the following stages:

  • Validating your subscription
  • Gathering required data
  • Creating the necessary IAM roles
  • Generating an initial Immuta license
  • Provisioning your Immuta instance

    • Note: This final stage can take 20 to 30 minutes.


5 - Navigate to the Immuta Console

After verification is complete, you will navigate to the Immuta Console, from which you can access your Immuta instance, Immuta Documentation, and Immuta Support.

Immuta Console

Infrastructure Costs

To achieve complete resource isolation from other Immuta Managed Cloud subscribers, Immuta Managed Cloud provisions infrastructure resources within your AWS account and the most security-critical components of the service are served to you from your own AWS infrastructure. Consequently, subscribing to Immuta Managed Cloud will lead to additional infrastructure billing on your AWS account.

Though this may change as the Immuta Managed Cloud offering evolves over time, the resources Immuta provisions and manages in your AWS environment include those shown in the table below. The approximate AWS infrastructure charges related to running Immuta Managed Cloud in us-east-1 excluding network traffic charges is $0.90/hour.

Component Note
1 VPC -
3 Private Subnets -
1 NAT Gateway -
Other VPC-Related Resources -
1 EFS Volume Used only for backups; size is minimal and driven by the size of your audit records
1 EKS -
2 NLB -
3 EC2 Instances m5.xlarge* (each with 3 EBS volumes; 180 GiB / instance)

*Immuta Managed Cloud will be adding user-customizable infrastructure footprint configuration in the near future. Until that time, if you require alternate sizing or minimum instance count, please file a support ticket. This count may scale with system load.