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Admin Pages

Audience: System Administrators

Content Summary: The Admin page is visible only to User Administrators and allows them to manage license keys, users, permissions, attributes, and groups from three different tabs: Users, Groups, and Licenses. The major features of these tabs are outlined below.

The App Settings page is visible only to Application Administrators and allows them to configure Immuta for their organization's needs.

User Administrator UI

Users Tab

On this tab, Administrators can add users, filter the list of users, or navigate to users' profiles by clicking on their name in the sidebar on the left.

After clicking on an individual user from this list, the user's email, position, and last login and update appear in the center of the page. From here, Admins can manage the user's permissions, attributes, and groups.

Admin Page

Groups Tab

Similar to the Users tab, the Groups tab includes a list of groups in the left sidebar. After clicking on a specific group, Administrators can view the Group details, add and remove group members, and manage attributes for the group.

Admin Groups Tab

Licenses Tab

This tab includes a list of licenses and details the unique user id (UUID), the features associated with specific licenses, the expiration dates, the total number of seats, and the date the keys were added. Administrators can also add and delete license keys from this page.

Licenses Tab

Application Administrator UI

App Settings Page

This page allows Application Administrators to configure various settings in Immuta, including external identity managers and catalogs, email notifications, cache settings, and data handlers.

App Settings Page

For detailed instructions on configure items on this page, see the Application Settings Tutorial.