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Each of the learning paths described below is designed for each user role in Immuta. However, all users should first complete the Immuta Fundamentals Learning Path to gain a basic understanding of the Immuta architecture, data sources, policies, and projects before beginning their user-specific path.

Learning Paths

Immuta Fundamentals

Discover the basic features of Immuta, including data sources, projects, policies, and features of the UI.
5 Videos | All Users | Total Training Time: 20 minutes

Data Owner and Data User Learning Path

Create data sources, manage policies and projects, and access data.
5 Videos | Total Training Time: 60 minutes

Data Governor Learning Path

Assess how data is being used and manage Global Policies, purposes, acknowledgement statements, and tags to restrict data access across multiple projects and data sources within Immuta.
6 Videos | Total Training Time: 20 minutes

System Administrator Learning Path

Manage the permissions, attributes, and groups associated with each user.
4 Videos | Total Training Time: 15 minutes