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Course 2: Policies


Policy Types Overview
  • Define policy types (Subscription and Data)
  • Define policy layers (Global and Local)
  • Identify elements that drive policies
Subscription Policies Demo
  • Identify Subscription Policy options
  • Create a Subscription Policy
  • Complete a Subscription Policy workflow
Local Data Policies Demo
  • Identify Data Policy elements
  • Create a Data Policy

After Viewing

Continue to Course 3: Projects.

Supplemental Reading and Resources

Data Policy Tutorial: Masking with K-Anonymization
  • Prevent analysts from using publicly known attributes to identify an individual in a data source
Native Databricks Integration
  • Enforce fine-grained policies against your Databricks cluster
Sensitive Data Detection
  • Automatically discover sensitive data to build policies
Policy Tutorial: Restricted Global Policies
  • Enforce access controls across all data sources you own