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Immuta Fundamentals Course


What is Immuta?
  • Identify elements of the data control plane
  • Understand policy enforcement
Navigating the Immuta Console
  • Navigate the Immuta UI
  • Edit user profile
Data Sources Introduction
  • Identify data source types
  • Subscribe to a data source
Leveraging Access Patterns
  • Understand SQL access pattern
  • Create SQL credentials
  • Connect a tool to Immuta
Collaboration with Projects
  • Understand Immuta projects
  • Explore an existing project

After Viewing

Now that you have completed this learning path, navigate to one of the other learning paths based on your role within your organization:

  • Data Owner and User Learning Path: Data Owners are responsible for connecting data to Immuta and protecting that data with policies to restrict who accesses it. Data Users access and analyze this shared data.
  • Data Governor Learning Path: Data Governors manage compliance within their organization by using Global Policies and tags to restrict the ways data is used across multiple projects and data sources.
  • System Administrator Learning Path: System Administrators manage users and the permissions, groups, and attributes that attach to each user in Immuta.

Supplemental Reading and Resources