Immuta Documentation

Immuta simplifies the construction and enforcement of complex data policies through simple-to-build rules, allowing you to control and monitor data as it’s accessed, view the policies at work across your data environment, and ensure that compliance requirements are met.

Table of Contents

Preface: Immuta Documentation

How do I navigate this site?

Prologue: Immuta Architecture, UI, and Deployment Options

How does Immuta fit into my architecture? How is it deployed?

Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Immuta

How do I install Immuta and configure it with my existing IAMs and catalogs?

Chapter 2: Setting Up Users, Groups, Attributes, and Tags

How do I set up user entitlements and tags to ensure they can be used in policies that protect data?

Chapter 3: Writing Global Policies for Compliance

How do I write policies that apply to data across my organization?

Chapter 4: Connecting Data

How do I connect my data to Immuta, and how do I write policies that protect single data sources?

Chapter 5: Collaborating, Writing, and Sharing

How can users write data back to Immuta?

Chapter 6: Analyzing Data

Once data is connected to Immuta, how do I use my analytics tools to analyze it?

Chapter 7: Auditing Data Access and Management

How can I evaluate what users are doing in Immuta and who is accessing what data?