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dbt_snowflake_policies_helper Package (Private Preview)

Audience: System Administrators, Data Owners, and Data Users

Content Summary: This page describes the dbt package for use with the Snowflake integration using Governance Features.


If your workflow periodically replaces tables with the same table using the CREATE OR REPLACE statement in Snowflake, policies will be removed from those data sources using the Snowflake Enterprise Edition or Higher Integration. dbt_snowflake_policies_helper is a dbt package created and maintained by Immuta to address this limitation and provide a solution to workflows that rely on CREATE OR REPLACE statements in Snowflake.

dbt_snowflake_policies_helper provides a set of utility macros and materializations for using Snowflake Row Access policies and Column Masking policies alongside dbt. The dbt package is currently in Private Preview and is available to select customers who are willing to provide feedback as they implement and use the feature.

dbt_snowflake_policies_helper provides a drop-in replacement for each dbt materialization your standard dbt project uses. For example, wherever you use the table materialization in your dbt models, you can replace that materialization with the governed_table materialization, provided by this dbt package. The governed_table materialization will then behave exactly like the table materialization when using dbt-snowflake, except that it will perform the additional step of copying your existing Snowflake policies onto your rebuilt Snowflake table. For more information on dbt materializations, see dbt documentation.

Enabling and Installing dbt_snowflake_policies_helper

Required Snowflake Privileges

The user running this dbt package must have the following privileges:


Please reach out to your Immuta account manager to request to use dbt_snowflake_policies_helper. During Private Preview, Immuta will provide you with a signed URL to a tarball of the dbt package that includes a README with installation instructions.


  • Materialization support: dbt_snowflake_policies_helper provides one custom dbt materialization for each of the standard dbt materializations you use in your dbt project. It supports a drop-in replacement for the table materialization and the view materialization only.