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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2022.1.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Immuta v2021.2.0 Errata

Immuta v2021.2.4

Immuta version 2021.2.4 was released July 16, 2021.

v2021.2.4 Bug Fixes

  • CTE Queries
    • Fixed issue with running CTE queries in the Query Editor that resulted in the error, "Unable to resolve CTE Var. Click here to see limitations by masking type."
    • Fixed issue that caused column resolution to fail when masked fields existed.
  • Fixed issues based on changes to the dbt Cloud API and dbt deprecating webhooks for customers.

Immuta v2021.2.3

Immuta version 2021.2.3 was released July 2, 2021.

v2021.2.3 Bug Fixes

  • Spark/Databricks: Fixed issues with replacing SQL for PG/JDBC that is wrapped in backticks.
  • Databricks: Implemented HiveClient.getTablesByName for better JDBC driver support.
  • Databricks: Reorganized /databricks/jars permission in allowedCallingClasses.json to increase speed.

Immuta v2021.2.2

Immuta version 2021.2.2 was released June 28, 2021.

v2021.2.2 Bug Fixes

  • Row-level policies with exceptions were broken in these integrations: Snowflake, Databricks SQL, and Redshift.

v2021.2.2 Known Bugs

  • Saving configuration changes on the App Settings page can lead to users being continuously prompted to reload the page.

Immuta v2021.2.1

Immuta version 2021.2.1 was released June 23, 2021.

v2021.2.1 New Feature

Public Preview

  • dbt Cloud Integration: This integration allows Immuta to connect to users' dbt Cloud jobs so that updates that run through dbt populate in Immuta.

v2021.2.1 Bug Fixes

  • Overlapping tags were not allowed when building global row-level otherwise policies.
  • When all data sources were deleted from a schema project, the schema project could not be deleted by the system user, which could have left schema detection in a bad state.
  • policyUpdate and autoSubscription jobs sometimes could not be processed.
  • In integrations, a disabled data source still created a queryable view in the project workspace.
  • Integration lookups were case sensitive. Before this fix, native views would not be created if data sources were created with different casing than the integration was enabled with.
  • Starburst timestamps were truncated.
  • Added the option in the Immuta CLI to ignore TLS checks.
  • Fixed typo in Global Policy Builder for Subscription Policy 3.
  • Duplicate audit entries were generated for certain queries.
  • In Native Redshift, non-English alphabetical characters caused issues with certain masking policies and native views.
  • Native schemas/views were not dropped when schema projects were deleted.
  • The audit update job was throwing an error on records with purpose IDs.
  • Databricks:
    • Policies weren't applied correctly to views against Delta tables.
    • The SecurityManager blocked users from querying tables in Snowflake.
  • Logs:
    • Encountered "internal-automatic-subscription-webhook could not be created" in the logs.
    • Encountered "duplicate key value violates unique constraint "unique_postgres_api_key_constraint" " in the logs.
    • "invalid input syntax for type integer", occurred when KMS was pre-configured, and updating the configuration could get the instance in a bad state.
  • Native Snowflake:
    • Native workspaces weren't removed from projects when the integration was disabled.
    • In the project creation workflow, the All Your Data Sources from this Snowflake host was case sensitive.
  • V2 API:
    • Column detection was disabled when users didn't manually specify a source.
    • Recreating a V2 payload (after a delete) used old tags even if the new payload had none.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

  • Penetration Tests:
    • When logging in, redirect URLs could contain a link to any site, which would then get passed to the login token.
    • Comment fields could allow XSS attacks.
    • Admin could inject an XSS attack into the login page.
  • CVEs:
    • CVE-2020-9283
    • CVE 2021-27290
    • CVE-2020-28469
    • CVE-2020-29652
    • CVE-2021-32640
    • CVE-2021-33587

v2021.2.1 Known Bugs

  • Saving configuration changes on the App Settings page can lead to users being continuously prompted to reload the page.

Immuta v2021.2.0

v2021.2.0 Known Bugs

  • Double audit entries are generated for certain queries in Databricks.
  • Two jobs (policyUpdate and autoSubscription) can end up in a state that they cannot be processed and web pods need to be rolled.
  • Orphaned Schema Projects cannot be deleted by the system user, which can leave schema detection in a bad state.
  • Integration lookups are not case insensitive.
  • When using the V2 API, if users update a data source in the same run as tags, sometimes the tag update will not happen and the API must be called again to get the tags to update.
  • Overlapping tags are not allowed when building Global row-level otherwise policies.
  • The audit update job throws an error on any records with purposes. (The audit still works, but there is just an error in the logs.)
  • Starburst timestamps are truncated.
  • In native SQL integrations, disabled data sources still create a queryable view in the native workspace.
  • In native Redshift, non-English alphabetical characters cause issues with certain masking policies and native views.