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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2022.1.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Immuta v2021.1.0 Release Notes

Immuta v2021.1.0

Immuta version 2021.1.0 was released March 18, 2021.

v2021.1.0 New Features

General Availability

  • Auto-created Schema Projects: When a user creates a new data source, a project is automatically created that contains that data source. Users will now manage schema/database configuration in the project, and data sources will be added to the project any time a new data source is created from that schema.

  • Avoid stats tag: Immuta Administrators can configure tags that prevent Immuta statistics queries from running on selected tables, which allows users to save resources. (Some policies will not be available for a data source when that tag is applied.) This tag can be overridden by manually executing the fingerprint job on the data source.

  • Custom masking policies: This feature allows users to create custom masking policies using SQL functions when they need masking types beyond what is available in the Immuta policy builder.

  • Databricks 7 (Spark 3) support: Immuta supports use of Databricks Runtime (DBR) 7.x with Immuta-enabled clusters.

  • Databricks configuration feedback improvements: These improvements provide more information in the Databricks logs, including details about the cluster state and status of the configuration to the user configuring Databricks.

  • Databricks Compliment Existing Controls: This allows staggered deployment of Databricks - if tables in your metastore aren’t registered with Immuta, if you have this feature configured, Immuta will completely open those paths up (for read and write) rather than completely blocking them, like we work today.

  • Databricks Security Configuration for Performance: This configuration disables the Immuta Security Manager for Databricks clusters to improve performance.

  • Global Subscription Policy Merge Options: Immuta merges multiple Global Subscription policies that apply to a single data source; by default, users must meet all the conditions outlined in each policy to get access (i.e., the conditions of the policies are combined with AND). However, Application Administrators can change the default behavior to allow users to meet the condition of at least one policy that applies (i.e., the conditions of the policies are combined with OR). Additionally, Governors can opt to have their Global Subscription policies combined with AND or OR during policy creation .

  • Static view generation for Impala data sources in equalized projects: This feature allows users to export view definitions from Impala tables in equalized projects. Users can then take those view definitions and build the views themselves in Impala; Immuta does not build the views for them.

Public Preview

  • HIPAA Expert Determination: Keep Fields in the Clear: This Expert Determination feature allows project owners to remove k-anonymization policies from select columns that contain indirect identifiers, giving them the flexibility to maximize the utility of data.

  • Native Trino Audit: Any queries executed natively against Trino appear in the Immuta audit logs — which detail the query, what was queried, and how policies were enforced for the user who ran the query — allowing users to prove compliance.

v2021.1.0 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed SAML to Immuta's built-in IAM migration error when user had no groups.
  • "Export to CSV" on Tag Reports has been fixed.
  • "Double printing" of Subscription Policy has been fixed.
  • Re-enabling disabled LDAP users via the API fixed.
  • Fixed auto-scaling Databricks clusters when using R/Scala.
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Enabled Create Immuta Account button for free-trials.
  • Several SCIM bugs have been fixed.
  • External metastores are supported in Databricks.
  • Users can now create policies with row-level policy custom functions in Synapse.
  • Integrations support changing the project's masked join setting.

v2021.1.0 Known Bugs

See Immuta v2021.1.0 Errata.

v2021.1.0 Migration Notes

  • All customers most be on Immuta v2020.2.0 or greater to migrate directly to v2021.1.0.

v2021.1.0 Deprecation Notice

  • PostgreSQL 11 has been deprecated in Immuta v2021.1.0 and will be removed in Immuta v2021.2.0. Consequently, all customers need to upgrade Tableau.

Immuta v2021.1 Patch Releases

See the following pages for details about each release: