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HIPAA Expert Determination

Deprecation notice

Support for this feature has been deprecated.

Expert determination

Like policy adjustments, project owners can use Expert Determination to increase a data set's utility while retaining the amount of k-anonymization that upholds de-identification requirements. With this feature enabled, users can redistribute the noise across multiple columns of a data source within a project to make specific columns more useful for their analysis.

While policy adjustments are available on all equalized projects with a noise reduction purpose applied, Expert Determination is only available on projects with Re-identification Prohibited.HIPAA De-identification or Re-identification Prohibited.Expert Determination purposes applied, since Expert Determination is specific to the HIPAA De-identification global policy.

Once a policy has been adjusted, Expert Determination provides a downloadable report that contains a statistical analysis of the data source to assess the very small re-identification probability indicated by the purpose.

Navigate to Use Expert Determination for a how-to guide.

Keep fields in the clear

This feature provides an Allow Fields in the clear option in the create purpose modal, permitting specified analysts to bypass k-anonymization in specific circumstances. The seeded purpose Re-identification Prohibited.Expert Determination.DUAM is specific to HIPAA Expert Determination and automatically has the Show fields in the clear functionality enabled.

Navigate to Adjust a policy for a how-to guide.