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Register Users and Tables in Immuta

Immuta Detect requires users and tables to be registered in Immuta for audit information to be pulled and presented on the dashboards.

Register users

To register your users in Immuta you have two options:

With this option, Immuta pulls in the users from your existing IAM for you, ensuring a smoother and faster onboarding.

  1. Complete the Identity Management section on the App Settings page.
  2. Fill out the Profile Schema section, so that the external user IDs will map from Snowflake or Databricks to Immuta.

Option 2: Manually create Immuta users

With this option, you will create each user individually in the Immuta UI.

  1. Create a new user from the Admin page.
  2. Configure the user's username in Immuta from their User page.
  3. Repeat these steps for each user.

Register tables