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Release Notes 2021

December 2021

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • CVE-2021-3918
  • Databricks:
    • Views with where clauses that included a string with the SQL comment characters -- caused Immuta data source failures.
    • Aliases in view create statements were case-sensitive.
    • Using mlflow.spark.save_model and mlflow.spark.log_model was blocked by the Immuta Security Manager and other errors.
  • Databricks and Redshift integrations: Attributes with two or more single quotes were not handled correctly.

  • Snowflake row access policy performance improvements.

  • Requesting access to a schema project with a large number of data sources (approximately ten thousand) caused 502 errors.
  • When creating data sources after an Alation catalog was configured, tags were not automatically added to the data sources.

November 2021

New Features

  • Databricks:

    • Change Data Feed: Immuta supports Change Data Feed (CDF), which shows the row-level changes between versions of a Delta table. The changes displayed include row data and metadata that indicates whether the row was inserted, deleted, or updated.

    • Sparklyr Support

    • Databricks Runtime 8.4

    • Databricks Runtime 9.1: This runtime is only supported on Python/SQL clusters.

Public Preview

  • User Impersonation: User impersonation allows users to natively query data in Snowflake, Redshift, and Synapse as another Immuta user.

  • Snowflake:

    • Snowflake as a Catalog: When enabled, Immuta automatically registers an external Snowflake catalog using the provided hostname and leveraging the Immuta System account that gets generated. Any Snowflake sources that are registered from that host will automatically have their relevant tags ingested into Immuta.

    • Snowflake Integration: Immuta manages and applies Snowflake row access and column masking policies on individual tables directly in Snowflake instead of creating views for Immuta data sources.

    • Snowflake Audit: Users can view audit records on the Immuta Audit page for queries run natively in Snowflake.

Bug Fixes

  • Security Manager error on AWS metadata service.
  • Schema detection failure occurred in Snowflake instances with tens of thousands of tables.
  • Case mismatch between Databricks and SCIM users.
  • Error occurred ("You may not access raw data directly") when querying Delta tables in Databricks.
  • Advanced Subscription policies AND'ed together could prevent auto-subscription policies from applying correctly.
  • Snowflake Governance Features Integration: If users created a database with non-default collation, and then they created a table with an explicit collation that didn't match the default collation, applying native policies failed.
  • LDAP Sync:
    • Each web worker (instead of a single web worker) kicked off LDAP Sync.
    • Users who belonged to more than one group that had the same name in Immuta could not log in.
  • Native Snowflake: Schema monitoring, Global or Local policy changes, and data source creation timed out or failed to make updates until web pods were restarted.
  • Power BI: The client failed to list out databases on a Databricks cluster because of a query timeout.
  • Creating a view in a scratch path database from a Snowflake data source resulted in an error: Error in SQL statement: NoSuchElementException: key not found: <masked column>