Immuta Documentation

Immuta simplifies the construction and enforcement of complex data policies through simple-to-build rules, allowing you to control and monitor data as it’s accessed, view the policies at work across your data environment, and ensure that compliance requirements are met. Look below for documentation related to your role or browse all topics for in-depth details on the installation, configuration, and use of Immuta.

Documentation Topics

Data Owner Topics

Data Owners are responsible for the data that is connected to Immuta and can set policies on their data to restrict who accesses it.

Data Governor Topics

Data Governors manage Global Policies, tags, and acknowledgement statements to restrict the ways data is used across multiple projects and data sources within Immuta.

Data User Topics

Data Users access the data exposed by Data Owners for analytic purposes. Data Users can browse the Immuta UI for data sources and connect their third-party data science tools to Immuta.

System Administrator Topics

System Administrators manage the permissions, attributes, and groups that attach to each user in Immuta.