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Starburst (Trino) Installation Introduction

Audience: System Administrators

Content Summary: This page provides an overview of the Starburst (Trino) integration.


Trino Plugin Versions

Starburst bundles and installs the Immuta plugin by default. For Trino, use the table below to determine the version of the Immuta Trino plugin you will install.

Trino Version Immuta Version Immuta Trino Plugin
Trino 390 and above
Starburst 392 and above
2022.2.x and above same as Trino version1
2021.4.x and above 1.2.1
368 - 382 2021.4
357 - 367 2021.5.x 2021.5.02

Integration Options

Click a link below to navigate to a tutorial for your Starburst (Trino) integration.

  1. Starting with Immuta release 2022.2.0, the Immuta Trino plugin version is updated alongside Trino so that a matching version of the plugin is published for each corresponding Trino release. For example, the Immuta plugin version supporting Trino version 403 is simply version 403.

    All Immuta Trino plugin versions published under this new scheme support Immuta versions 2022.2.x and above. 

  2. Before the release of Immuta's 2022.1 version, Trino plugins correspond to the Immuta version in the Immuta Archives