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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2023.1.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Projects Page

Audience: Data Owners, Data Users, and Data Governors

Content Summary: Projects allow users to collaborate in their data analysis by combining data sources and providing special access to data for project members. Projects are created, managed, and joined from the Projects page.

This page highlights the major features of the Projects page. For conceptual details or specific tutorials, click the links below or navigate to Collaborating, writing, and sharing through projects.

Project Details Page

This page lists all the public projects available to be joined by others in the All Projects tab and all projects users own or belong to are listed in the My Projects tab. Additionally, users with the CREATE_PROJECT permission can create a new project from this page.

To view details about a specific project, users click the project name.

Overview Tab

After navigating to a specific project from the Projects page, the following information about the project is visible to users on the Overview tab:

  • Project Details: Information about the project appears in the sidebar on the left of the Overview tab. Details include when the project was created, the purposes associated with the project, a description of the project, the project ID, and credentials.
  • Documentation: If Project Owners choose, they may add documentation about their project, which will appear in this section to viewers. If no additional documentation about the project is added, only the project name will appear here.
  • Data Sources: The data sources associated with the project are listed here. Users can click on individual data sources to view the reason why it was added to the project and they can navigate to the data source itself. Project Owners can also manage their project data sources in this section.
  • Tags: Tags associated with the data source are listed here. Project Owners can manage tags from this section.
  • Activity Panel: All activity associated with with the project is listed in the sidebar on the right of the screen. Information recorded here includes who added data sources and tags to the project, members who have been added and removed from the project, and policy updates to the project.

Project Details Page

Members Tab

This page includes a list of project members, their contact information and role, how they are subscribed, and when their membership expires. From this page, Project Owners can add and remove members from the project.

Members can be filtered by Role or Subscription using the Filters button.

Policies Tab

This tab allows Project Owners to choose who may request access to their project or whether or not their project is visible at all to users who are not project members.

The Project Equalization section enables Project Owners to level all members' access to data so that data appears the same to all project members, regardless of their individual attributes or groups.

The Subscribers section allows Project Owners to make their project open to anyone, to users who request and are granted access, to users with specified groups and attributes, or only to users the Project Owners manually add.

Discussions Tab

Project members can view, create, reply to, delete, and resolve discussion threads in this tab.

Data Sources Tab

A list of data sources within the project appears in this tab. Project members can view, comment on, and add data sources to the project here as well. Any project member can add data sources to the project, unless the Allow Masked Joins or Project Equalization features are enabled; in those instances, only Project Owners can add data sources to the project.