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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2024.1.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Python & SQL

Audience: System Administrators

Content Summary: This page describes the Python & SQL cluster policy.


This is the most performant policy configuration.

In this configuration, Immuta is able to rely on Databricks-native security controls, reducing overhead. The key security control here is the enablement of process isolation. This prevents users from obtaining unintentional access to the queries of other users. In other words, masked and filtered data is consistently made accessible to users in accordance with their assigned attributes. This Immuta cluster configuration relies on Py4J security being enabled.

Many Python ML classes (such as LogisticRegression, StringIndexer, and DecisionTreeClassifier) and dbutils.fs are unfortunately not supported with Py4J security enabled. Users will also be unable to use the Databricks Connect client library. Additionally, only Python and SQL are available as supported languages.

For full details on Databricks’ best practices in configuring clusters, please read their governance documentation.