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Write Data to the Workspace

Once the workspace is created, project members will see relevant data sources when working under the project context.

  1. Switch your project context.
  2. Write data to the project workspace in Snowflake or Databricks:

    • Snowflake: Select the role created by the project workspace. The role created will be a combination of the database name (configured by the application admin) and the schema name. Then, write data to this location.

    • Databricks: Write data to the directory and database created in Databricks for the project workspace.

Now that data has been written to the workspace, users can share this data with others by making it a derived data source in Immuta.

Create a derived data source

Deprecation notice

Support for this feature has been deprecated.

  1. Select a project.
  2. Select the data source from which the new data was created.
  3. Select Table for the virtual population option.
  4. Click Edit and select the tables you created, and then click Apply.
  5. Opt to edit the Basic Information fields, and then click Create.