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Upgrade Immuta

This guide demonstrates how to upgrade Immuta. The Immuta Enterprise Helm chart (IEHC) shares the same version with the Immuta product, so upgrading the Immuta version entails upgrading the IEHC. Failure to upgrade the underlying Helm chart will lead to an unsupported configuration.

Kubernetes namespace

The following steps presume the IEHC was deployed into namespace immuta, and that the current namespace is immuta.

Immuta Enterprise Helm chart

  1. Update Helm repository immuta.

    helm repo update immuta
  2. Upgrade Immuta.

    Helm chart deprecation notice

    As of Immuta version 2024.2, the Immuta Helm chart (IHC) has been deprecated in favor of the IEHC. The immuta-values.yaml Helm values files are not cross-compatible.

    helm upgrade <release-name> immuta/immuta-enterprise --values immuta-values.yaml --version 2024.2.1