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Configuration Overview

Introduced in 2024.2, the Immuta Enterprise Helm chart (IEHC) is an entirely new Helm chart used to deploy Immuta. This section guides you through configuring the IEHC to finish and prepare your installation for a production environment.

Ingress configuration

Configure Ingress to complete your installation and access your Immuta application.

TLS configuration

Configure TLS termination for an Ingress resource.

Immuta in production

Follow these best practices when deploying Immuta in your production environment.

External cache configuration

Configure an external key-value cache (such as Redis or Memcached) with the Immuta Enterprise Helm chart.

Rotating credentials

Update the credentials referenced in the Immuta Enterprise Helm chart.

Enabling legacy query engine and fingerprint

Enable these legacy services for your deployment if they are required for your business use case:

  • If you are using any of the data platforms below, you must enable the query engine:

  • If you are using the legacy sensitive data discovery (SDD) feature, you must enable the query engine and fingerprint services.