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Getting Started with Discover

Discover is an Immuta module that scans your data sources and applies relevant tags when data is recognized. This eliminates a manual tagging process for your data, saving you time and providing standard taxonomy across all your data sources.

Use cases

Before enabling sensitive data discovery (SDD) we recommend you follow the Detect getting started guide. Discover is a building block used by both Immuta Detect and, depending on your use case, by Immuta Secure.

To learn more about how specifically Immuta Discover works with Immuta Detect see the following pages:


Enable sensitive data discovery

Enable sensitive data discovery to start using the default framework on all of your registered data sources. This out-of-the-box framework discovers common data types and tags them automatically when a new data source is registered.

  1. Turn on SDD
  2. Contact your Immuta representative to turn on native SDD for Snowflake and Databricks
  3. Trigger SDD on a data source

Configure SDD for your data

For additional control, create your own patterns to recognize the data that matters to you. Add these patterns to new frameworks and specify the data sources that need this framework. This fine-level control creates automatic tagging that is relevant and accurate to your data, requiring fewer manual adjustments to the resulting tags.

  1. Customize SDD for your data:
    1. Create patterns
    2. Create a framework
    3. Create rules
  2. Assign your framework to specific data sources

Adjust Discovered tags

If you have any tags that are applied to your data sources by SDD that you don't want, you can easily disable these tags for each data source. This ensures that they will not be applied to the data source again if SDD is re-run.

  1. Verify tags
  2. Disable Discovered tags

Reference pages

Immuta comes with a default framework containing built-in Discovered tags and built-in patterns. These patterns and tags can be used in your own frameworks.

  1. Built-in Discovered tags
  2. Built-in patterns