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SaaS Benefits

SaaS data security platforms are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect data at the speed of the cloud. In this guide, we'll explore seven ways the Immuta SaaS platform provides a reliable and versatile solution to data security complexity. You can skip this overview if you are already happily using Immuta SaaS, but if curious, read on!

Increased efficiency and productivity

Speed is an inherent ability in SaaS offerings because they are meant to be turnkey operations – you should just need to plug and play to leverage SaaS software to solve a specific problem. Immuta’s SaaS offering helps you to get to value fast without worrying about the IT department finding the time and energy to stand the software up. This helps organizations focus more on productive work and increases the organizations’ overall efficiency.

Better scalability and convenience

Self-managed solutions require long-term planning to scale operations and are often not the best option for growing businesses, as the IT staff has to constantly struggle in the upgrade loop. This could lead to significant restructuring costs as performance and functional demands increase. Additionally, upgrading or modifying existing systems can become costly due to potential downtime or other expenses associated with transitioning from one platform to another.

By contrast, Immuta’s SaaS platform software offers a more convenient way of optimizing operations across large corporate structures with minimal lead time needed for additional licenses or functionality additions. This allows you to easily scale according to business needs, so you don’t have to worry about how your internal IT team will keep up with future growth.

Higher level of security and data protection

Organizations today are extremely cautious about avoiding data leaks and data or privacy breaches, and, therefore, need to invest in a powerful data security platform and trustworthy security solutions provider. Immuta’s processes, policies, and management system have been certified under the ISO 27001 and 27701 standards and SOC 2 Type 2 attestation, demonstrating that data security and privacy are important to Immuta.

The Immuta SaaS platform is deployed using industry-leading technologies, security controls, and deployment methodologies. The platform undergoes continuous vulnerability scanning and is penetration tested at least twice annually. Additionally, Immuta’s deploy-as-code methodology ensures that every system meets our baseline requirements before a system can be moved to production. Immuta’s SDLC requires that container images are continually hardened and tested several times a year in addition to our comprehensive penetration tests, ensuring the Immuta SaaS platform is continually evolving to face emerging threats.

In addition to our technical security controls, Immuta strives to minimize the data needed to deliver our services to clients. Only metadata is stored in Immuta’s SaaS platform to make policy enforcement decisions, meaning Immuta is not in the data path between your users and the data sources it protects, nor does it pull any of your data back at all. For the metadata Immuta does need, it is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2 or newer and at rest using AES256 encryption.

Immuta offers automated backups with encryption at rest, eliminating the need for someone to own or set up the backups manually. This helps us guarantee 99.9% uptime for Immuta’s SaaS service.

Cost savings and reduced overhead

One of the biggest benefits SaaS solutions offer is cost savings. Self-managed software, on the other hand, requires a cloud engineer or IT person to ensure that software is running well and upgraded on time. Immuta’s SaaS platform can provide notable savings in several different ways, including eliminating the cost of IT resources for installation. With Immuta, organizations can benefit from both short-term savings (i.e., installation costs) and long-term savings (i.e., operational costs).

SaaS also helps to maximize the return on investment (ROI) in the first year post-purchase by reducing the overall overhead and reaching value faster. To see for yourself how this works, check out our ROI calculator.

Availability and reliability

Leveraging the Immuta SaaS platform solution will improve availability and reliability by providing always-on data access while complying with data localization and sovereignty regulations. With a guaranteed uptime SLA of 99.9% and 24/7 monitoring by a world-class Site Reliability Engineering team, you’ll get the benefit of verified security and compliance capabilities, along with cost savings. Immuta also provides round-the-clock case support for enterprise customers, ensuring that experts are available to answer any product-related questions or educate users about features and use cases.

Get new features faster

New features developed by Immuta’s Engineering team are deployed and available on SaaS first. This allows customers to get access to features faster, without worrying about planning major version upgrades and dealing with the hassle of downtime. With Immuta’s SaaS platform, customers can also access private preview features. SaaS also enables you to have security vulnerability patches as quickly as possible, without requiring self-managed manual upgrades.

Upgrades with minimum to no downtime

Immuta’s SaaS platform eliminates the need to spend time and money on updating software by allowing customers to log on to already upgraded services. Upgrades and maintenance are done off hours with typically no downtime to ensure that Immuta’s capabilities are always available. The ability to monitor the dynamic threat landscape and to deliver patches directly through Immuta allows organizations to use data to focus on business.