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Project UDFs (Databricks)

You can switch project contexts and view a list of your current project or available projects through UDFs in Spark.

Available functions

UDF Description
immuta.set_current_project(id) Sets the user's current project to the project ID denoted by the id parameter. This UDF must be called in its own notebook cell to ensure the changes take effect.
immuta.set_current_project() (no parameters) Sets the user's current project to None.
immuta.clear_caches() Clears all client caches for the current user's ImmutaClient instance. This can be used when a user would like to invalidate cached items, like data source subscription information or if the state of Immuta has changed and the cache is outdated. For backward compatibility, this UDF is also available at default.immuta_clear_caches()
default.immuta_clear_metastore_cache() Clears the cluster-wide Metastore cache. This UDF can only be run by a privileged user.

Virtual tables

To view a list of your current project or available projects in a Spark job, you can query these virtual tables.

Virtual Table Query Return
immuta.get_current_project select * from immuta.get_current_project This virtual table returns a single row with "name" and "id" columns that show your currently selected project.
immuta.list_projects select * from immuta.list_projects This virtual table returns rows with "name," "id," and "current_project" columns. Each row is a different project to which you are subscribed (and can use as your current project). The "current_project" row will be true for the row defining the project that you have set as your current project.