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Schema Projects

Schema projects are automatically created and managed by Immuta. They group all the data sources of the schema, and when new data sources are created, manually or with schema monitoring, they are automatically added to the schema project. They work as a tool to organize all the data sources within a schema, which is particularly helpful with schema monitoring enabled.

Schema projects are created when tables are registered as data sources in Immuta. The user creating the data source does not need the CREATE_PROJECT permission to have the project auto-create because no data sources can be added by the owner. Instead, new data sources are managed by Immuta. The user can manage Subscription policies for schema projects, but they cannot apply Data policies or purposes to them.

Schema Project Actions

Schema settings are edited from the project overview tab:

  • Schema Project Connection Details: Editing these details will update them for all the data sources within the schema project.
  • Data Source Naming Convention: When schema monitoring is enabled, new data sources will be automatically detected and added to the schema project. Updating the naming convention will change how these newly detected data sources are named by Immuta.
  • Schema Detection Owner: When schema monitoring is enabled, a user is assigned to be the owner of any detected and Immuta created data source.
  • Disable or delete your schema project: Deleting the project will delete all of the data sources within it as well.*