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Getting Started with Starburst (Trino)

The how-to guides linked on this page illustrate how to integrate Starburst (Trino) with Immuta and gain value from the Immuta module: Secure.

Requirement: A Starburst Enterprise license

Configure your Starburst (Trino) integration

Configuring a Starburst (Trino) integration is required for Secure. These guides provide information on the recommended features to enable with Starburst (Trino).

  1. Configure your Starburst (Trino) integration.

  2. Select None as your default subscription policy.

  3. Integrate an IAM with Immuta.

  4. Map external user IDs from Starburst (Trino) to Immuta.

Secure your data

These guides provide step-by-step instructions for configuring and securing your data with governance policies, or see the Secure use cases for a comprehensive guide on creating policies to fit your organization's use case.

  1. Create a global subscription policy.
  2. Create a global data policy.
  3. Validate the policies. You do not have to validate every policy you create in Immuta; instead, examine a few to validate the behavior you expect to see.
  4. Once all Immuta policies are in place, remove or alter old permissions and revoke access to the ungoverned tables.