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IP Filtering

Audience: Data Governors and System Administrators

Content Summary: This document outlines step-by-step instructions for implementing custom IP filters.


  • Users must have the Cloud group in Immuta Accounts.


Users with the Cloud group are able to lock down ingress access for a set of IP addresses, adding another layer of security to their instances. This feature can filter the IP addresses from which a user can log in to the service, providing more security than user authentication.

Using IP Filtering

  1. Navigate to the home screen of the Cloud Portal.
  2. Click the action icon and select the IP Filtering option.

    IP Filtering Button

  3. In the IP Filtering for instance modal, enter the IP address(es) that you would like to authorize. Note: IP addresses can be entered as a single address (e.g., or in CIDR block notation (e.g.,

    IP Filtering

  4. Click Save & Close.