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Immuta Detect: Quick Start

Immuta Detect is a tool that monitors your data environment and provides analytic dashboards in the Immuta UI based on your data use. These dashboards offer visualizations of audit events, including user queries and, when classification is enabled, the sensitivity of those queries, data sources, and columns.


Overview with Detect and Discover

When fully configured with Discover enabled, sensitive data discovery (SDD) automatically identifies and tags columns that contain sensitive data. Those SDD tags are then used by the Immuta built-in frameworks to classify your data.

After Discover has run SDD and the Immuta frameworks, it may be necessary to adjust the output tags based on your organization's data, security, and compliance needs. These tags can be tweaked through the Discover UI or API.

Once those tags reflect your sensitive data correctly, users can start viewing the Detect dashboards to visualize the sensitive data that was accessed on your data platform, details on the users accessing that data, and the policies you have in place protecting that data.

Navigate to the onboarding guide to complete the onboarding process.


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